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Our Mission

Riverdog Daycare is on a mission to build the best place to work in pet care.  We believe that the best way for us to take amazing care of dogs is to build a company and environment that is fun to work in and offers opportunities for meaningful career advancement for our team.

Our current team got our start working together in 2017 at our Somerville location when Peter and Priscilla Lareau retired from the daycare, and Greg joined the existing team to lead Riverdog into a new chapter.  Greg, Stef, Liz, and Cat started working together and trying new ways to improve our services and serve our dogs even better.

We’ve grown a lot since then, but many of our original team members are still with us and we continue to love that we can come to work every day with amazing dogs, customers, and coworkers. We have very big goals for our business (including working towards earning our Benefit Corp certification (, but none is as important to us as doing a great job for our pack members each and every day.


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